Englewood AC Tips: Why You Need a Pre-Season HVAC Tune-up

Englewood AC Tips: Why You Need a Pre-Season HVAC Tune-up

Maintenance can extend the life of your Englewood AC unit to over 15 years. Without AC maintenance, however, your energy bills could rise. The unit could overwork itself, causing it to break down.

Before that happens, schedule your pre-season HVAC tune-up. Spring is the perfect time for a maintenance check, before we hit summer’s scorching temperatures.

Not convinced you need to call your Englewood AC company? Read on to discover the benefits of a tune-up today.

Protect Your Englewood AC

Allow an experienced AC professional to assess your unit. They’ll catch signs of common AC problems before they develop further. Your technician can make repairs before your unit begins experiencing serious issues.

This will protect your AC from wear and tear. Otherwise, components will break down. When one cog in the machine breaks, the entire unit will struggle to function.

The risk of the unit breaking down entirely will increase. It could stop working right as we begin experiencing summer’s hottest days. Before that happens, schedule a maintenance check.

Your technician will ensure peak air conditioner performance. They’ll protect your AC, improving its longevity.

You won’t have to worry about paying for a new unit. Instead, you can avoid the stress and costs of future AC issues.

Improve Air Quality

During an HVAC tune-up, your technician will assess everything from refrigerant levels to your AC ducts. They could recognize signs of poor air quality during their check.

For example, your air filter can get clogged if it’s not changed every three months. Allergens will start floating through your home, including:

  • Dander
  • Rust
  • Mold spores
  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Tree, grass, and weed pollen

Breathing in air particles and pollutants can cause respiratory problems. About 50 million Americans struggle with allergies each year. You’ll likely add more particles into the air while spring cleaning.

Your technician will ensure that your filtration system is working efficiently. With their help, you can keep airborne contaminants from polluting your home.

Remove Pests

Pests can travel through your AC ducts and into your home. As spring temperatures rise, these pests may crawl out from where they were sleeping.

Your Englewood AC technician pest-proof your unit. This will keep pests from causing additional damage or carrying disease through your home.

Boost Energy Efficiency

Your AC technician can spot problems that are causing your energy expenses to rise. They could cut energy consumption costs by 30%. Even properly sealing and insulating air ducts can reduce costs by 20%.

Requesting a tune-up can save you money and extend the lifespan of your unit. You can save yourself from the stress of paying for a new one.

Schedule a Pre-Season HVAC Tune-Up

Don’t wait until your Englewood AC unit breaks down to call for help. Instead, schedule a pre-season HVAC tune-up. Routine maintenance will improve your unit’s energy efficiency and give you peace of mind.

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